Giclee Printing

Fine Art Reproduction

Giclee (pronounced Jee-clay) printing is a revolutionary technology for reproducing original art, including original paintings, drawings, or photographs. The technology uses unique, fade resistant, pigment-based inks applied with a nozzle on canvas, paper, or a variety of media or substrates. The result is a reproduction with such an enormous range and depth of color that is nearly impossible to distinguish from the original.
Giclee prints have a distinct advantage over other methods of fine art reproduction. They can be printed as a one-time single reproduction from a digital image without the cost of set up and minimum quantities that are associated with offset printing. The giclee process is far superior to a laser jet or standard ink jet printer, and Giclee prints are recognized as a superior reproduction method in the art industry, and hold a value beyond a traditional printed copy of the art work. Many artists today use Giclee prints to expand the volume of sales beyond the sale of a single original piece of work. Although the original may be valued at a higher price, a Giclee print of the work is affordable to many more buyers and the quantity of prints can be limited or unlimited, depending on the artists’ preference. This is a very effective method reaching the maximum distribution and revenue from a single piece of art, while still maintaining a respectable value. Artists with websites offering online ordering capabilities are using this technology to gain the widest recognition and sales of their work.

We offer Giclee prints in a variety of sizes. Printing surfaces range from canvas, paper, vinyl. metal, posterboard and more. We can print from a digital image. For details of specifications and pricing, contact us today!